Goblin Spider by Forest Rogers

Goblin Spider was inspired by a folktale and traditional Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Elaborate hairpins made me think “legs,” of course. I also noticed that many beauties were depicted holding a bit of folded fabric or tissue in their mouths. This was a come-hither symbol, sufficiently demure to get past court censors but widely understood as erotic (don’t attempt it with Bounty Duratowel — it loses in translation). Thus, mouse in mouth. 

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*puts snapchat text over area of insecurity* 

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all i did this year was get more gay

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Omg I’m dying

So my mum is pretty rude and was reading a text message I’d received today off a guy I’d been sleeping with, and the message read ‘hey just thought I’d let you know I’ve got gonorrhoea so you might want to get yourself checked’ and she was like for fuck sake Levi I thought you used protection, I thought you were smarter than that and I was like heyy I am smart but there are over ways of getting it you know and fuck me she looked fucking confused…so long story short I’ve just had to admit to and explain to my mum what rimming is 😰💀 (she won’t look at me anymore)